Disseminate preventive care your smile for my mission!
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I have to tell you
See how stable monthly bonesetter's teacher, opened and operated the occupancy rates of more than 8% of rehabiliday service

Imoto rehabiliday service experience...

The establishment of rehabiliday service that I

-To prevent the patient's disease orthopedic Institute of management alone cannot

And for insurance claims had become a proportion of burden that has been changed

Anxiety, for example, and insurance will be strictly

As of concern for
As the rehabiliday service pace
We launched.

From about eight months of turnaround in one year after start-up.

Then expand the first two stores, also from eight months in a one-year turnaround.

10Only I still consistently has over 2 million yen income from ¥ 1600000.

With a track record of success
Rehabiliday service management methods and how to open, with a big release will be!

You can continue to keep surplus why?

That can be an indication that the LINE @ to those who registered and received only!

Such largesse is rare.

Hope people can do preventive care "to take action" shall have a
Simply “Don't know” Can't act because...

To extend the circle of care for such people! I'll work hard because of the largesse is!

The present LINE @ to registered people only!

Rehabiliday services, the practical working “With tuneup utilities” We will present the video!

And once in a 30-minute brain training can adult school

-Third suggests a basic functional training exercises

-Contents of the occupancy rate 8% more than rehabiliday service

You can know if it worked actually to see the scene tell do not know!

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