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Gait, limb physical motion (12)

Tilt and put your foot in front while turning the pelvis.
This is the way to walk."One step"になります。

When walking, human movement is not only moving in the hip joint.
The foot is not moving straight because the foot rises, the pelvis turns, and the foot is put out by twisting the body a little while tilting,
In fact, the foot is placed from the outside (little finger side).
It is that it is not placed from the toe side (thumb side).

It arrives from the outside of the heel, but the weight does not ride on the heel.
I do not put weight like heel drop,
The heel is just a little touched.Just put it down.It is in.

While the body gradually moves forward from there
→ thumb and center of gravity move → the heel and little finger.

The foot seems to be wearing it on a flat surface, but since it actually holds the little finger side, it is possible to walk while making the arch of the sole of the foot.

This movement and walking"One step"If you can do well, you will be able to walk so that the ankles, knees, hip joints do not get a load!
Walking just to always walk casually."One step"Why don't you walk with care?