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Producing the health of the future

Building a body that doesn't rely on medical care

It is said that posture has a big impact not only on appearance but also on health.
Analyze posture and treat the root of the symptomsBecause I will continue to do, I do not do the treatment of only licking the waist with low back pain, stiff neck, only licking the shoulder with stiff shoulders.
There is always a cause for back pain and knee pain. And the cause of the pain is not necessarily in the knee or waist.
Improving posture and taking pain, as well as making a body that doesn't hurt.
井本接骨院I make everyone's health from posture!

Right next to Honkasaji StationIn the井本接骨院there are two floors: the first floor and the first basement floor.
The main treatment is on the first floor. Because the underground has a wide space and various training equipment to make it easy to do gymnastics, it can also be useful for rehabilitation.

井本接骨院The atmosphere of





Director's Introduction

Health insurance fee The fee for insurance treatment is the rate specified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

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For rates

If the cause of the injury is acute or subacute injury, health insurance, workers' compensation insurance, and automobile liability insurance (traffic accident) apply.
Please bring your health insurance card with you when you come to the hospital. (Workmen's compensation and automobile liability do not cost money.)
Please be sure to bring your insurance card at the beginning of the month.
The fee will vary depending on the burden ratio.

If the range is wide, it may be treated as two places. Health insurance does not allow more than four places. Please apply for workers' compensation insurance and automobile liability insurance.

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